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Articles & Presentations...

On this page you will find various articles from over the years as well as any presentations or interviews we have done. Please check back often as this page may change from time to time. Please click on the preview picture to see the full article.

A blog post at which is basically the original article from The article covers some of our journey from conventional tillage to strip-till and some of the things we are currently doing in our system.

Farm Industry News article from 2010 about the power of farm websites. article about different types of implement guidance, how they work, pro/cons, cost, etc.

Top 10 takeaways from the 2015 National Strip-Till Conference.....Dave's presentation made #4!

The original article from the Strip-Till Farmer Magazine about our strip-till and controlled traffic system.

A small summary of some of the speakers at the National Strip-Till Conference

Bloomberg article from 2013 about various tweets from farmers across the national durning the 2013 planting season.

Successful Farming Article from Early 2016 about the benefits of reducing tillage.

Strip-Till Farmer Magazine article from 2016 about the benefits of implement guidance.

AgWeb article about managing residue in a continuous corn strip-till environment.

Precision Farming Dealer article from January 2017 about being on the edge of precision farming.

ProTrakker article about the benefits of using implement guidance.

An article about a local pull we competed in during the summer of 2016.

Article from Iowa Learning Farms about the cost savings of strip-till.

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