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Custom Strip-Till

Besides taking care of our own land we pride ourselves in being able to do just as good of a job on your land as well. We offer a full range of custom farming services from side dressing and strip-till to full season from planting to harvest. The biggest advantage of this is you can utilize the same cutting edge technology we use without the added expense. Below is some of the technology we use, by working with us you can utilize it as well. Please contact us for more information about custom farming.

Precision Nutrient Placement






In our personal experience strip-till with precision nutrient placement is the best way to achieve the highest yields while getting the full utilization out of costly inputs. All of our strip-tilling is done with a John Deere 9630T and 16 row Soil Warrior. The tractor rides on tracks to keep compaction to a minimum and we are able to variable rate two different dry products at the same time. Currently we are planning on adding the capability to do liquid as well in the same pass. This machine is guided by the highest quality RTK signal available and features implement steering as well to match up with any planter. If interested, we can set you up with the exact same RTK signal at a low cost to you. In the spring configuration fertilizer is placed in a zone roughly 12” wide and 3-5 inches deep. Please contact us for more information if you are looking to raise yields and lower input costs.




Precision Liquid Application

For this operation we use a 24 row FAST 8116 toolbar on a John Deere 8R tractor with single wheels @ 120” spacing on 520 tires for side dressing to fit down the rows. The toolbar is equipped with Y-Drops to place the nitrogen right at the base of the plant to gain maximum efficiency. This machine is guided with RTK and the toolbar features automatic swath control and has the ability to do variable rate application. We can apply any liquid fertilizer with this machine as well besides just nitrogen. Most times we will run sulfur as well as micro-nutrients in our sidedress pass. We also have a Hagie equipment with Y-Drops as well for late season application. Our nitrogen plan varies depending on the field, each field is unique and requires it's own individual plan for success. We do not under any circumstance use a shotgun "one size fits all" approach when it comes to nitrogen. Some fields will receive only one sidedress pass where as our highly productive ground will receive one early sidedress pass and one right before VT. Regardless if we use a one step or two step approach our N is always varied based on soil type, yield history, hybrid, and CEC. We do this to ensure we are not putting on too much nitrogen and to keep the nitrogen out of the water table. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our nitrogen management plan.

Managing Your Farm

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